Viktor B.(Bataar) Wulff, 

Born in Neuss near the Berlin side of the Prussian border to a Mongolian/German mother (of Stasburg) and a German father (of Lunen) he was brought into the world kicking and screaming to be one with the sky.  It was his mother who insisted on naming him with at least one Mongolian name. His curly black hair and a naturally tan skin made many take a second look as to his Prussian heritage.  It was not long after he challenged a flight council in Halle that he would put to rest the rumors of him not being a native.  The findings revealed that his bronze toned skin was due to a Mongolian dominant trait that gives a darker pigment to the skin of any offspring, and he never looked back.

Viktor's middle name Bataar translates ruffly to "Hero", and although he seldom uses it in its entirety, he keeps the letter specifically to insinuate that he is to be feared in the sky. At a high point in his training his peers even labeled him the "Sky-wolf" during his years in Flight School.

He is sometimes called another name given to him by a noble that he spent a great deal of time with, her name shall not be revealed at this time, but her staff often referred to Viktor as Viktor Von Lunen. Lunen is where his father was originally from and so an alias was devised to fit a purpose.

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