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  • Vessel type: Air Frigate
  • Armament: four 8 inch rifled guns; six 37mm Hotchkiss Revolving cannons (gatling type); 8 .30 caliber Gatling guns; Hardened Vanadium Steel Ramming bow
  • Crew: 80 sailors, 20 Marines, 3 Pilots, 1 commanding officer
  • Propulsion: 6 M.A.N. lightweight Diesel engines, similar to those aboard Luftshiff Barbarossa. Top speed: 90 knots
  • Dimensions: 468 Ft Length, 80 Ft width, 90 ft height (not including command tower)

History of the Airship Corps and the Resolute[]

The Airship Corps was initiated as a result of a joint-pact between the German Kaiser and the United States President as a method to actively seek the Airship Pirates. The commander of the airship Corps currently only vessel is LT. Allen Reynolds, a very young volunteer commissioned officer. The airship was designed in a mere 20 days. She is a modified zepplin design with a classic clipper bow that serves as the gasbag puncturing ram, meant to bring down any target.