Cowford Steampunk Society Wiki

Sybil Baskerville (Taken by Michael D. Kelly)

Sybil Baskerville was born on March 18, 1420. She grew up in a medeival city, the daughter of the king and queen. She lived a rather nice childhood, and as an only child, she was spoiled with everything she wanted. When she was fifteen, a strange band of travellers showed up out of nowhere in the city. Doctor Salyavin Chronotis, accompanied by Winslow Beggley and Professor Phelonius Fate, stayed for a few days and befriended Sybil. Sybil took favour to Doctor Chronotis, who corrupted her for the benefit of his own plans. The night before Doctor Chronotis left the city, he convinced Sybil to murder her parents for power. Sybil didn't know that he was really after the Artron energy stored in the family relics. Chronotis, getting what he'd come for, intended to leave Sybil behind to be killed by the townspeople. However, after a bit of manipulation on Sybil's part, they came to the agreement that they could travel together.

Chronotis took Sybil back to Cowford, where she was shocked to find her entire world gone. There was technology all throughout the city, and everyone had a "gun", which she'd never heard of before. She quickly integrated into the villainous society of Cowford, learning the new slangs and how to use their weapons. After her first murder, killing came much easier to her and she developed a certain fondness for assassinations and duels. It was on her first day in Cowford that she was introduced to the most maternal figure she has in Cowford, Auntie Social. Sybil learned many things from her "Auntie", and has always had a soft spot for her. Also, on her first day, she met Conrad Wilhelm Soldier the Third, whom she thinks of as a big brother that she'd rather enjoy murdering if it came to it. They're constantly trying to kill each other, which Conrad thinks of as "cute".

After a rather nasty incident in a hologram chamber, Sybil left Doctor Chronotis. She started doing odd jobs around Cowford for the Beggley family. Under Winslow, she learned how to wrangle the dinosaurs of the Lost World. With Angus, she trained to become a better assassin and hand-to-hand fighter. With Rudolph, she learned how to swim, dive, and take care of any piece of equipment on a submarine. Sybil then went off to make her own standing in Cowford, practicing with her guns, expanding her weapons collection, and learning how to play the piano. She has a love of the arts, particularly the theatrical and musical arts.

Today, Sybil is a prestigious member of the city, leader and emissary of the Cowford Firebreathing Geese, and resident concert musician. She still enjoys getting assignments to assassinate various people throughout the city, looking on it as a fun sport. She enjoys sporting trousers more often than skirts because of the functionality, and she prefers to keep her style ambiguous.