Cowford Steampunk Society Wiki

The Shankhill Butchers; l to r, The Boss, Auntie Social, The Enforcer, and the Blue Rajah

Band of psychopathic villains who operate in and around Cowford. Thought to have "emigrated" from Great Britain after a daring escape from one of the infamous prison hulks moored on the Thames where they had previously awaited transport to Australia for various violent crimes. Local headquarters of the gang has yet to be determined by Cowford authorities. When under pursuit by the law, the Butchers tend to disappear into the swamps of neighboring White Sulphur Springs where they enjoy the protection of the Cracker inhabitants. Have also been known to frequent the treacherous savannah that is Payne's Prairie just outside Hogtown (Gainesville, FL) where they are given like sanctuary by the Seminoles. Operate under the false-front of Shankhill Butchers Cattle Company, Ltd.

Relevant Events: Believed to be responsible for the following crimes: Numerous deaths and disappearances of various local law enforcement officers and jury members using a Cruella Movable Slaughterhouse which LeGree Engines Factory and Carriage Works now denies having sold them; Setting fire to the St. Johns River in order to draw attention away from the "acquisition" of a Giffard dirigible from Bob's Airship Field and Persian Deli; and Recent Train Robbery in White Sulphur Springs. (Rumor has it that the Former Mayor of Cowford was involved in this escapade. His office denies these scurrilous claims despite photographic evidence to the contrary.)

Also involved in the failed 'Confederate Elephant Corps' plan, when they invested in the King of Siam's offer of elephants to help with the War of Northern Aggression. Sadly, this did not pan out due to the incovenient overthrow of said government by the damnable British. Now funneling all available cash into Giant Mechanical Insect project.

Further rumors abound that they have worked in cooperation with the notorious Professor Fate upon occasion and that they are now in possession of a giant, mechanical insect.

Related Personas: Molly Starks (aka The Boss), Auntie Social, The Enforcer, Abigail "Abby" Vandenberg and The Blue Rajah.

Known Associates: Professor M.A. Lightfoot