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Ester completes a transaction in broad daylight with minimal discretion.

Sar Ester Anathema (Born 12 December, 18--), is the current owner of Arsenic and Alchemy, one of Cowford's few proper apothecary shops. A relatively new inhabitant of the city, he has procured a moderate reputation in several circles, ranging from various street gangs to upper-class Gentleman's Societies.

Born in New Hampshire, Ester is one of the many people living in Cowford under an assumed identity in an attempt to escape American authorities. He is often seen either in the company of Conrad Wilhelm Soldier the Third or by himself, and rarely attends social occasions unless there is some potential gain to be had.

Various accounts from sources of ill-repute suggest his shop deals in more than just standard alchemic and medicinal treatments, but these should be treated with an air of caution, as Sar Ester will go to extreme lengths to keep his business private.

Current Life

Appearing in Cowford virtually overnight, Lucas destroyed every trace of his past life, assuming the identity of Sar Ester Anathema. He managed to procure an abandoned two-story shop on the edge of the town, where he would not be bothered by prying eyes. Setting himself up as an alchemist, Ester refurbished the shop, creating a respectable business from the ground up.

Conrad and Ester

The exact details around Ester's first engagement with Conrad are, like much of his past, not exactly clear. It is known that the two at first had an intense public rivalry, nearly coming to the point of honor duels several times before at last the two apparently worked out their differences. After connecting with the moderately well-known gunsmith Conrad, it should be noted that Ester's dealings in the way of firearms escalated considerably, boosting his profits even more and ensuring a steady business.

Notable Events

It should be noted that Ester's association with the following occurences has not been completely proven, though various bits of forensic and anecdotal evidence all lend credence to the idea of his involvement.

  • Potential armament and dispersal of combat drugs to several rival gangs during the riots brought about by the previously mentioned Assassination.