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The SCARS Resistance. Unified in the fight for freedom from the oppressive forces of the Order, they have banded together from many backgrounds and standpoints. Setting aside their differences, the people that make up SCARS have found common ground in the dis-allowance of oppression and control.

The Order. Call it if you will the Empire of the time. Exists as evil in both action and design. It seeks to eliminate all threats to their growing desire for power and expansion. Littered with coal run machinery and it's drug laced economy, they are known to operate heavily on the ideals of assimilation through force. Ultimately, the Order wants the mind and soul of every individual to be one with them and their cause.

Cowford at this time has declared its Neutrality in this war and is providing freeport services to both sides...

La Florida has declared its neutrality as well..

Scars Vs. Order