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Marital Status: Married
Children: Three
Education: BS in Electromagnetic Pulse Generation, Masters of Physics from the Berlin DrKampft Tesla Institute for Advanced Meta-science
Military Career: Four years with Deutschland Imperial AirKorps (Attained the rank of Skykaptain), Five years with Deutschland Kreigsuntermarine (Attained the rank of Aquanaught), Two years of Military Science and Innovation Design.

Teaching Career: Taught at the Berlin DeKampf Tesla Institute for Advanced Meta-science for several years as a professor

Professor Zephyr is quite the eccentric and high adventure and society is his cup of tea, having always a loaded rifle and pith helmet to travel on a moment's notice. He and his wife the Lady Annabel von Zephyr are always up for a challenge. He has spent many years in the military piloting both airships and submersibles and is also a noted gear head and inventor. The professor, while eccentric is a gregarious sort and enjoys a good roll with the rest of his compatriots. A true German, the Professor never forgets what happened to start the Great War and always keeps a wary eye on the French.

Kraus and Annabel met in December right before the Great War. A short courtship followed and the pair were married in June of the following year. The pair enjoyed a short time with one another before she became pregnant and he was called off to fight for the Vaterland. Jules was born first, their blue eyed brown hair girl. While Professor Zephyr fought over the skies of Germany in the line against the rising threat of the French and English he did take routine shore leave. During one of these leaves a second child Verne was born. Professor Zephyr had many kills and made Ace Skykaptain in those few short years. He then returned to Berlin and received his degree. Deciding after a bit of time at home with the wife and children to return to the front as a aquanaught the Professor began receiving secret training from the Germany war department where he helped design Germany's steam turbine engines.

It was later, after the war and after his tenure at Berlin DeKampft Tesla that the Professor and his wife decided to settle down in Cowford. Here they have come to the Ball to announce their presence and determine if they are welcome. Here the real adventure begins for the Professor and his wife. Lost civilians to explore and new engines to design. It is here that the Professor is hoping to assist in developing engines not of war but of peace and hopefully give his children a bright future full of steam and adventure…

Last October the Zephyr's welcomed Wells, a third child and a stunningly beautiful daughter! Now with headquaters below the old Ft Caroline and a monkey house in Orange Park on loan from the Butchers he is able to continue his experimental technology combining chlorine gas and electromagnetic pulse technology to achieve near Earth orbit.