My family is an ancient and noble family from Italy with traces of the passions of the Borgias flowing in our veins.  On the more staid side, my husband's family were stewards of Urquhart Castle in Scotland, until the rising of 1745. Then, of course, we lost much of our holdings to the British. We left that era and went to the Colonies in 1811. We re-filled our coffers with a little gun-running and piracy with our esteemed associate Jean Lafitte in the bayou country of southern Louisiana. Then we explored California and Hawaii before we ultimately migrated to 1987 Florida. We've been here since.

However, we seldom feel the bonds of time. Our purpose is to slip the bonds of time and space to explore the world of Steampunk. With my trusted friends Christopher Augustus Beauregard (an Autoist from Savannah, Georgia) and Professor Von Ahrendt (a Maker of wonderful things) and Lady Patricia Allen, I trip the light fantastic in costumes of my own creation and sometimes in some dishabille.  I enjoy fine wine and not so fine wine. I love delicious food and bright, exciting repartee with my friends and acquaintances. Well-read and highly experienced in living life to the fullest, I delight in sharing life with new friends and old.  Let’s connect!
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