Marital Status: Unmarried

Occupation: Governess

Family: Father- Bernard Blackwood (deceased)

Mother- Ann Ashton Blackwood

Brother- Francis (Frankie) Blackwood

History: The once prominent Blackwood family fell slowly towards ruin following the death of Bernard 10 years ago. Bernard was a notorious gambler. What little was left of the family fortune after settling his numerous debts was used to further the education the Blackwood children. Francis, always a mischievous youth with a certain disregard for authority, was last seen in the company of air pirates. Ann Aston Blackwood now lives with her sister in the Midwest. No longer able to provide her daughter with a decent marriage, Ann encouraged her Lydia to pursue a career as a governess.

Lydia Blackwood arrived in Cowford approximately two years ago in search of employment. She is currently employed by Henry and Elizabeth Lawrence as both Governess and Housekeeper.

Rumor has it that Lydia is also Henry's mistress. His wife Elizabeth, now an invalid due to complications arising from childbirth, is reported to be thrilled with the development.

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