First legitimate son of legendary airship pilot Arthur MacLean, a Scottish expatriate who had moved to America roughly a decade before the Civil War. His father had been a privateer in his younger years, and through his service in multiple small-scale conflicts and the opening or closing stages of a few minor wars, had procured a trade charter. His move to America was the result of a developing scandal regarding his alleged smuggling of weapons and soldiers over neutral territory thanks to his privateering and trade licences. Of Lucas' mother there is little record, with a few unreliable sources stating she was either an American ambassador who assissted Arthur MacLean's exodus from Scotland, or a bar maid who eloped with the free-spirited Scotsman at the last moment.

Luther joined the clergy after Lucas MacLean aka Sar Ester Anathema was born. During an afternoon mass, a gang of mercenaries stormed into the chapel at which Luther was conducting a service. At the same time, a similarly employed group raided the MacLean Trade Cartel's headquarters, burning it to the ground. 

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