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LeGree Engines Factory and Carriage Works.

Description: located on the river immediately to the north of the Mathews Bridge you will find... Producers of fine Self Motivating Conveyances for Industrial, Agricultural, Recreational and Infernal purposes. Proud producers of the Cruella movable Slaughterhouse, capable of moving under it own energies to any location and rendering large groups of animals into marketable parts, with convenient disposal of waste items through through incineration in its boiler system.*

  • The public interactions and information service of LeGree wishes to address the recent rumor that one of these fine devices was recently provided to certain brigands in the area whom wished to use it to deal with "Posses, Juries and other herds of varmints". We adamantly deny that we are currently in any such negotiations, nor due we expect further such sales in the future.

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Related Personas: S. LeGree proprietor.