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LT Allen Reynolds

A Lieutenant In the Newly formed United States Navy Airship Corps (USASC), He and his crew patrol the skies of cowford and surrounding communities aboard the newly commisioned USAS Resolute .

Early LifeEdit

A Native of Cowford, and fully capable tactician and master-at-arms, He lives a rather unusual life, as he calls "crazy is fun." He is very young, being only 16, yet became a navy lieutenant and the commanding officer of the very ship he designed, as nobody else would take the job.

Skills and hobbiesEdit

He is a capable rifleman, with an ability to snipe out targets from a long distance. Reynolds is also more than able to handle himself in a close-quarters situation, as he has a habit of joining his boarding parties when attacking a Pirate airship. Due to his habit of joining his crews, he carries differing tools and weapons. He carries a specially modified "Barnstormer" Lever gun and a standard issue revolver, along with a Swiss Army Knife he obtained on a world tour. LT Reynolds also has a taste for good home-made sodas and Mozzarella sticks.

Command and ControlEdit

He and his crew operate from a wireless station located on Blount Island, close to the Mayport Naval Installation. He has already dealt with Pirates in the New Orleans area, and they (the New Orleans Air Pirates) fled at the sight of the ship, blindly heading into a storm. The Scourge of the French Quarter were never seen again. Reynolds is currently searching for the ABHORRENT , as it is his main prize, as he said "The Airship ABHORRENT has caused enough of a problem for my Airship Corps to become a reality. It would be a pleasure to see no less than it fall from the sky in flames."

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