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Shankhill Butchers Cattle Company, Ltd.

The Shankhill Butchers; l to r, The Boss, Auntie Social, The Enforcer, and the Blue Rajah

Description: Legitimate business that serves as a front for all the illegal activities of the Shankhill Butchers.

Relevant Events:

Related Personas: Molly Starks or The Boss, Auntie Social, The Enforcer, The Blue Rajah

Spectre Subwerks

Relevant Events: Specter Steamweks Raid

Related Personas: VADM Rudolph Beggley.


Description: A two-piece bathing costume originally designed as part of the uniform kit aboard the hot steamy confines of the C.E.V. Matanzas. On a resupply visit in the south of Italy, artisans


became enamored with the garment and will begin production after copyrights, patents, and trade negotiations are completed. Ironically for a vessel that seeks to explore cultures and scientific frontiers, this is the item that has given the C.E.V. Matanzas its notoriety.

Relevant Events: Became the fashion rage of Europe, most notably The Netherlands, and along the lake shores of Ohio. Also reference the Steamo, and Steamudas men's wear.

Related Personas: Frau Tankgerhausen, Katarina Navanne, B-, S--, Coal Shoveller Seawoman. Spectre SteamWerks.


A Steampunk Speedo. Now that you have winced…It is the long legged bicycle styled swimsuit instead of the tiny kind most associated with the style.

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