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Originally, cattle were driven up to the crook in the river, where it narrowed enough for them to swim across, so they could be taken north to market. So naturally, the village/town/city that grew at that point was called Cowford, as in the place the cows ford the river. After Andrew Jackson's exploits in the war of 1812, and being the Military Governor of Florida after the Spanish ceded it in 1821, the name of the city was changed to Jacksonville in his honor.

Since we wanted a distinct town from Jacksonville, but to still play "At Home", we just adopted the original name as our steam-punk town.

Cowford has the advantages of being historically relevant (it really was the name at one point in the general time frame of steam-punk) and having that slightly funky sound that says things may not be quiet as normal as you'd expect.

Cowfords Founders



Cecil Aerodrome

City Hall

Description: The Mayors office and City Hall is where the Landing is right now.

Angus Beggley Mayoral Campaign photo

See Also Organized Crime

Relevant Events:

Related Personas: Angus Beggley.

C.S.S. Matanzas

Description: The flagship of Spectre Steamwerks. Crew of 14.

Relevant Events:

Related Personas: VADM Rudolph Beggley, Stella Luna, Coal Shoveler Seawoman S- B-.

Cowford Shipbuilders, The

Description: sits where the North Florida Shipyard is right now

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Related Personas:

Cowford Polygnostic Institute of Education

Related Personas:

Professor Fate. (Jr. Professor of mecahnical biology, college of engineering.)

Doctor S. Chronotis (Professor of Theromodynamic and Temporal Mechanics) Professor Von Ahrent (Professor of Babbage Computational Engineering)


Cowford Ordnance Workers Technical Institute and Practical Engineering Research Service

Related Personas: Professor Fate.


Related Personas: Professor Fate.

Cowford Aether Mechanics Engineering League

Related Personas: Professor Fate.

Clark's Ferry

Cowford Astra-Lunar Cannon

Related Personas: Professor Von Ahrent

Cowford Chamber of Commerce

Related Personas:

Cowford Chaps Society

Cowford Ladies Aide Society and Armory

Cowford Ladies Artillery

Cowford Red Scarf Society

Cult of Bastet