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Cowford has several Aerodromes to service the various portions of the city:

Naval Aerodrome Jacksonville - as it has access from the air and the water.

Naval Aerodrome Station Mayport - has access to deep water and the air

The Ports of Cowford - is a two part facility one for the Aerodrome and the other for cargo and passenger traffic.

Naval Aerodrome Greencove Springs - this is one of the oldest Aerodromes in Cowford and has Rail / Water and Aerodrome Facilities. This Aerodrome is controlled by the Shankhill Butchers

Cecil Aerodrome - provides Aerodrome and Aether Moon Ship Service via the cannon launching system developed by Prof Von Ahrent with rail connections .

White Church Aerodrome - provides backup Aerodrome Services to both Cecil Aerodrome and the Naval Aerodrome Jacksonville.

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Related Personas: Prof. Von Ahrent

Air ships :

ABHORRENT (Pirate Airship)

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Related Personas:

Captain Pitcairn

Dicky Mullen - First Mate

Sonja - Head Winch-man

Rattlesnake (Pirate Airship)

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Related Personas:

Auntie Social

Capt.Jennie Singleton

Luftshiff Barbarossa (German Military Atache)

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Prof. Von Ahrent