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Dr. Chronotis

The renegade Time-Lord known as Doctor Chronotis, was a graduate of Prydon Academy, presumably with honours. Fellow chapter members later included the likes of such notables as the Rani, the Doctor & The Master..

Dr. Chronotis was a bright pupil and showed much more promise than did his classmates and his instructors took much notice of his achievements. Like all Time-Lords, Chronotis possessed latent telepathic abilities which he developed into incredibly potent hypnotic talent. While at the academy he showed a remarkable grasp of the dynamics of the structure of and causality factors of temporal nexus points.

Chronotis opted to leave the confines of Gallifrey, becoming a renegade and criminal known to the annals of Gallifreyan history as "Salyavin the criminal"

Imprisoned on the Time-lord prison planet: Shada for 3 centuries Chronotis escaped through a cunning use of a chameleon arch. After regaining his memories Chronotis realized what would happen to him if his fellow Time-Lords learned of his actions, so he took the precautions of erasing all records of his existence, including his bio-data extract from the Matrix. He also stole a newer model TARDIS and eliminated it's registration number from the depository. The Time-Lords never took notice. Those who did, out of ignorance, choose to hush it up to keep a scandal from developing.

Dr. Chronotis currently resides in Cowford at his personal surgery and centre for temporal gizmometry with his companion Lady A.

Dr. Chronotis is a Professor at the Cowford Polygnostic Institute of Education, a member of the Cowford Chamber of Commerce, and Co-founder of the Cowford Chaps Society.