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Description: Aziz is a quiet young man, preferring to speak more with actions than with words. When he does choose to speak however, it is usually right to the point, and occasionally humorous.

History: As a child, Aziz spent many years wandering quietly between his mother (whom he avoids speaking to as much as possible) and his father, Prof. Von Ahrent, never much taking a liking to many activities but dabbling in many of them. All of this changed, however, upon the invention of the Astra-Lunar cannon, which Aziz took to like a duck to water, quickly developing a passion for weaponry. His father, noting the burgeoning interest in the fields of gun-smithing and aether-manipulation, offered assistance in the form of access to his lab, materials and skills, all of which Aziz gladly accepted.

Utilizing the lab to the fullest extent of his abilities, Aziz developed a great many guns in collaboration with his father, the most technically impressive being the Steam-driven Electrocution Apparatus, known colloquially as the Aziz 9000. The weapons created serve more purpose than mere decoration, however, as Aziz has used them on many occasions to hunt for samples requested by Prof. Von Ahrent.

Among his inner cadre of friends, Aziz is actually quite personable, speaking for long periods of time on a variety of subjects, often switching between them without warning or preface. His inner circle is incredibly difficult to access, however, so not many people see this side of him.

Notable Events The Great Moonshot First firing of the great moon gun and catalyst for Aziz's interest in weaponry

Known Acquaintances Prof. Von Ahrent, Patricia Darke, Auntie Social