Cowford Steampunk Society Wiki

Description: Adventurer/Mercenary

Damien grew up on a small farm and was taught to hunt in his late childhood. His sense of independence and interest in firearms grew from there. He was also known for causing and getting trouble from an early age.

Feeling that his future lie elsewhere, he ran away from home in late teens. He longed to see new places, and so he got his first job as an fireman for a growing railroad company.

After a couple of years running train engines, he decided to enlist with the military. He quickly gained a reputation as a marksman and combat fighter. However, his hot-headedness nearly got him court-martialed and made him a few enemies.

Once he got out of the military, he found work on a merchant ship. He sailed to various foreign and exotic lands, collecting various trinkets from indigenous tribes and abandoned ruins. Aside from being a regular worker, he was also a self-appointed scout and man-at-arms whenever in hostile territory. The ship on which he worked would often dock in Cowford, and eventually he decided to set down roots there (if only temporary). He continues seeking adventure, whether for pleasure or merely profit.

Damien is known to have a somewhat loose moral code. Some of his actions have been shady, or even criminal, depending on whom you talk to. But to him they’re just part of life-and often necessary. He values life, but will not hesitate to take one if his own is in danger, or if the price is right