Cowford Steampunk Society Wiki

Persona Name: (What is YOUR Persona name?)

Anything else?: (Any other comments/questions you may have. Something you want to let others know about you out of character?)

Basic Information


  1. Body type:
    • Tall and skinny?
    • Short and stout?
    • How does this person walk?
  2. Eye color: (you can describe how the eyes appear when they move as well, if there's any special qualities.)
  3. Wardrobe: (what does your character like to wear?)
  4. General Appearance: (basically, what does your character look like?)


  1. Strengths:(self explanatory, at least three)

  2. Weaknesses: (self explanatory, again at least three)
  3. Fears: (self explanatory, at least two)

The Past

History: Give a detailed history of your characters past. Keep the integrity of the character intact.

Character Reference Sheet provided by Meg