Formerly of Scotland Yard, until Boer War in 1880, from which I was released do to a untreatable knee injury.

Subsequently and most recently I am of Her Majesty's Special Investigative Services.

I am proud to announce that my experience has brought into the Service of Cowford Territory as the Chief of Investigations.

After due consideration, i have chosen to step away from law enforcement.? It has been a predominent force for most of my adult life and I have decided it is time for a change.? In my youth I enjoyed gaming as a way from bourdom, not to acquire money.? I think it is time to slightly disappoint my senior brother and enjoy a bit of life once more.

I have been joined by my senior brother, Lord Withington Coldsteam, of Coldsteamshire, Scotland.

His tenure is of open schedule and is of intent to invest in productive business(es). It will be my enjoyment to partake in what activities circumstances permit.

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