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(real name unknown)

Description: Auntie Social (alias Singleton) is a genial sociopath and chief lieutenant of the Shankhill Butchers, a gang of villains operating in and around the city of Cowford in Northeast Florida.

Auntie is an American expatriate who cannot legally return to the States because of her possible involvement in the suspicious death of a prominent Cowford citizen. Following the incident, Auntie fled to

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England ahead of the law and fell in with the Shankhill Butchers shortly upon arrival. Being an industrious sort, she "worked" her way up through the ranks to become Molly Starks' (aka The Boss) somewhat erratic and easily distracted right hand.

In spite of the danger of arrest if identified, Auntie returned stateside when the Butchers "emigrated" after a daring escape from a prison hulk on the Thames. Her connections with the local Cracker inhabitants and the Seminole tribes afford them both necessary protection from the Cowford authorities and the manpower to run the legitimate side of their business, the Shankhill Butchers Cattle Company, Ltd.

Auntie is a dead shot but prefers the "intimacy" of hatchets, knives and icepicks. She has a penchant for mechanical insects, both large and small.

In some instances, Auntie has been known to employ the services of a small but deadly cadre of assassins known as Young Cowford. Chief among these bloodthirstly mercenaries are her favorite "niece and nephew", Sybil Baskerville and Conrad Wilhelm Soldier III.

Auntie is obsessed with the recovery of a meteorite that fell in neighboring Whitesville. She feels the Butchers have first rights to the falling star as that area lies in their possession. Said meteorite was on display at the recent Sub-Tropical Exhibition in Cowford but has since disappeared.

Relevant Events: Great St. Johns River Fire, White Sulphur Springs Train Robbery, Assault on the Mayor's Office, Kidnapping of Stella Luna, and Theft of Dirigible.

Related Personas: The Boss or Molly Starks, The Enforcer, Abigail Vandenberg, and Prof. Malvinia A. Lightfoot.