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Legendary Airship Pilot a Scottish expatriate who had moved to America roughly a decade before the Civil War. His father had been a privateer in his younger years, and through his service in multiple small-scale conflicts and the opening or closing stages of a few minor wars, had procured a trade charter. His move to America was the result of a developing scandal regarding his alleged smuggling of weapons and soldiers over neutral territory thanks to his privateering and trade licences.[]

Arthur had two sons Luther MacLean and Lucas MacLean. It was due to his wife dying in child birth Arthur at last seemed to settle down, retiring from his privateering to set up an apparently legitimate trade cartel. Arthur's motivations for this decision are not completely apparent, though general consensus is that he wanted to be sure his sons grew up to be respectable gentlemen.

The Passing of Arthur MacLean[]

Shortly after his sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck Lucas for the second time. His father had perished in an unfortunate airship crash whilst on a trade run up the coast. By this point in his life, Lucas had grown to be moderately aware of some of the MacLean Trade Cartel's shadier dealings, and he suspected the death of his father had been no accident. The authorities did not investigate the issue properly, and there had been an implicit warning that should they ever be compelled to look into the matter, the Cartel itself would probably be endangered. So it was that Luther and Lucas both inherited the MacLean Trade Cartel.

Various reports from multiple sources confirm that during this period, the Cartel managed to stay afloat mostly through black market dealings. It has been suggested that Luther's connection to the clergy gave the two brothers a degree of leeway that was, at the time, unprecedented. Such accounts also indicate that Lucas began to deal in illicit substances and weaponry on the local level during this time.